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Product # GK2

Flashforge Guider II, IIs & Monoprice 300 Relocation Kit


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This kit will allow you to convert your Flashforge Guider II or IIs or your Monoprice 300 3D Printer from the inconvenient rear filament load to right side filament detection and loading.

It includes a self hanging filament spool holder, a filament out detection box, 2 screws, 3M adhesive mounting tape, a new PTFE filament tube and well illustrated instructions. Nothing else is required other than a phillips screwdriver and a drill with a 9/16" or a 1/2" drill bit. 

The conversion is not permanent; it can always be reverted back to stock. A single hole needs to be drilled through the plastic case. No re-wiring is required. It only takes approximately 20 minutes per machine to complete the conversion.