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Product # SRH1

Scuba Rebreather Hose Hanger in Red, Orange, Blue or Green.


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The hose hanger is designed to safely dry the loop hose of a rebreather.  While originally designed for the JJ CCR, it can be used on any model with an appropriate hose diameter (1 5/8 inches or less between corrugations, to fit in the slot) and a connection flange.

By allowing the hose to hang vertically with the exhale side down and the DSV open, this minimizes pooling of moisture inside the hose that may occur with other drying techniques, and does not require disassembly.

A piece of cave line or other string (not included) is used to make a loop, just long enough to support the mid-portion of the hose (usually by the HUD holder).  This prevents the overstretching and distortion of the hose that can happen if it is hung vertically from one end for a prolonged period of time.

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